Our Story

New York is undoubtedly a foodie city. Perhaps the foodie city. A hot bed of trendy new restaurant openings, pop-up tasting events, food truck award ceremonies, and delivery start-ups. But for tens of thousands of New Yorkers, a hot meal may be a luxury that is unattainable to them.

Founded over 15 years ago, Hope for Our Neighbors in Need (HNN) is a non-profit organization based in New York’s West Village that provides hunger relief and a path toward economic empowerment for hundreds of New York residents, including families, LGBTQ youth, and women. Every week, during our Saturday lunch service and Tuesday food pantry, our Chefs and volunteers prepare over 3,000 pounds of fresh, organic meat and produce for meals that are well-balanced, low sodium, and above all made – and served – with love. If we won’t eat it ourselves, we won’t give it out.

Yet as much as our reputation for a delicious hot meal precedes us, HNN is not simply a hunger relief organization. We also act as a conduit for resources, striving to empower our guests as they work to escape from the cycle of poverty. As a partner of Food Bank for New York City’s Tiered Engagement Network (TEN), we are able provide much-needed services to our guests, including medical, legal, housing, and social support, back-to-work-preparedness education, and more. It’s through partnerships like TEN, and the continued support of local businesses and volunteers, that we can provide both short and long-term economic support to our neighbors in need. Rooted in hope, this is our mission. And we hope you’d like to be a part of our future helping New Yorkers to improve theirs.

HNN expresses sincere gratitude to our partners…

Church of the Village, Grace Church, EFAP, United Way, New York University, City and Country School, City Harvest, The Donut Pub, Duane Reade, Westside Market, Whole Foods, Integral Yoga Institute and the local farmer’s markets who provide us with over 3,000 pounds of fresh, organic produce every week.